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Why Is SCAPPS Needed? Some statistics set the Scene. In 1844 Southampton Common was 394 acres. By 1999 some 29 acres of this total had been lost to various kinds of development. Originally the Central Parks occupied 62 acres.

Today's Central Parks cover only 52 acres. Who will try to prevent future losses of public land? That is why Southampton needs a group to fight against further encroachment of public land. Will YOU help us do something about it?

Recent successes include saving Rockstone Place Park and preventing a car park on Southampton Common. We are equally concerned with the care, maintenance and proper use of the public open spaces, which are too often damaged by big organised events and by vandalism and trespassing. How can you help? If your area is at risk from being neglected or over developed, then join us.

Every member counts. When we argue a case, we are often asked 'Just how many members do you have?' So simply by being a member you strengthen our hand whenever we argue a case.To help pay for running costs we ask for a minimum subscription of only £5.00 per year
If you would like to become a member please fill in our application form HERE

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