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From SCAPPS' April 2013 newsletter

SCAPPS' response to recent issues

Central Parks, more student accommodation: SCAPPS objected to an application at 60-64 St Mary's Road for two 18 storey towers housing 675 students because of visual impact and damaging increased pressure of use on the Parks. Ignoring those concerns, the developer has amended the application increasing height of one tower to 21 storeys and the block linking the towers from 8 to 11 storeys. SCAPPS has repeated that strong objection. There's been pre-application consultation on another scheme proposing conversion of the 12 storey Brunswick House office block to high quality student accommodation targeted at post-graduates. SCAPPS suggested the developer offers to contribute to the cost of work in Andrews Park intended to increase resilience to intensification of use.

Andrews Park/Guildhall Square, Tyrells site: SCAPPS objected to the Order legally to extinguish the registered public right of way on the Tyrells site.  The approved arts centre development includes a replacement path further south. SCAPPS objected because there was no binding commitment to designate the new path as a right of way.  We also wanted to secure undertakings about activities and uses in the gap between the buildings so that it keeps a clear line of view from Park to Guildhall portico, and vice versa. After negotiation, the developer has been prepared to give assurances and SCAPPS' formal objection was withdrawn.

Houndwell Park children's play area: SCAPPS supported the City Council's application to the Government for consent to carry out work on registered commonland to replace worn and dated play equipment in this busy children's play area close to City Centre shops.   

Mayflower Park, widening Town Quay Road: Extra Government funding means the scheme to dual Platform Road can be extended along Town Quay Road to the Western Esplanade roundabout, giving high capacity road connection from the motorway through to Dock Gate 4. SCAPPS has been consulted prior to public consultation on detailed design. It would take a narrow strip of land from the edge of the children's play area in Mayflower Park.  SCAPPS has asked for acoustic fencing and provision of a new, small children's play area in Town Quay Park. Outside Royal Pier, we asked that pedestrians crossing from Bugle Street to Mayflower Park should not have also to cross traffic going in and out of the Red Funnel terminal.

Mayflower Park, Royal Pier: Public consultation still awaited.  SCAPPS and other amenity groups have met with the Council Leader and other councillors to set out 'anxieties', especially the importance of keeping views, not just glimpses, of water from the Old Town. Development may take part of Mayflower Park.  We're told new open space with water frontage will be created by reclamation. SCAPPS has insisted public access to the waterfront must be maintained throughout construction. The City Council views this as an appropriate location for a 'super-casino' and we will be pressing to find out what built development that would require.  

Watermark West Quay:  Pre-application consultation on proposals to extend West Quay to the south, next to the Town Walls.  SCAPPS expressed reservations that height and bulk of the proposed development would block views to the water. Scheme could include new gardens to replace the Albion Place public car park on top of the Town Walls.

Southampton Common, ditches: Ditches have been cleaned out alongside the old race course south of The Avenue underpass and across The Flats. The purpose of the work is to solve a long-standing problem of build-up of salt from road drainage.  The renovated ditch will intercept road drainage from The Avenue and keep it out of other water courses and ponds on The Common.  SCAPPS asked that the design of the ditch across The Flats should include places where it is easy for people to cross.

Southampton Common, cycle route, Lovers' Walk: One of Southampton's busiest cycle routes runs down the eastern side of The Common, partly on paths on The Common. City Council and University are considering options for improving its safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  Display and public consultation 9 and 10 April 4-8pm at  Avenue Campus cafe.  SCAPPS has expressed concern about the visual and environmental impact of widening paths and wants to protect the character of  Lovers' Walk as a winding, woodland path. Busiest section is from the University's main Highfield Campus to Highfield Avenue.  SCAPPS advocates creating a segregated cycle path on Furzedown Road, which could be continued north on property owned by the University directly into the campus, and restricting Lovers' Walk to pedestrians.  This would avoid widening the path.

Mansel Park: The City Council's Cabinet has agreed to lease a football pitch and its surroundings on the west side of Mansel Park to an amateur football club.  SCAPPS did not object provided the public have unrestricted access when not in use for Club matches or organised training. The Club has yet to apply for planning permission.

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